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Addecd on May 1, 2022

Navy Shirts and Hoodies for the Navy Family.

Welcome to

(Formally Known as

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Navy Shirts Created by a Navy Mother

I design Awesome Original Custom Personalized Military and Navy Shirts and Keepsake Gifts
for Every Member of the Navy Family & Navy Friends. Matching Navy Family Shirt Sets too!

I am a single Mom with 3 Kids and 1 Grandson. Both My Father & My 2 Sons served in the Navy. (That’s how this all started)

OK… so I am a graphic artist and web designer. I was a Master Typographer way before the internet. Had to go back to college to learn all this crazy web stuff. Turns out I totally enjoy it!  You’d find me either sitting or standing at my really kewl big desk at all hours of the day and night. (It’s a 33″ high desk). My little lady cat, Fiona, likes to sit in my chair as my lumbar support. She is a great comfort to me. I tend to work way too long, so I  jiggle around as much as possible. Lots of times I find myself singing to the music I’m listening to, or just break out into full dance mode. 🙂 I listen to meditation music when I am really concentrating. You’ll always find a big mason jar of Green Juice at my desk. YUM. It keeps me going and feeling good!! In the morning, there is a mug of Green Tea or Coffee on my desk, (YES, one I Designed). Most of the time it gets cold before I get to drink it. <sigh> I am a real sucker for dark chocolate… the 78% cocoa is my favorite.
I am a total nerd, kinda silly with a big dash of weird, but I’m
also a very happy outdoor gal. I am really looking forward to gardening this year. My home has a lot of plants!!

Why I do this… I feel like the most authentic version of myself when I’m designing with a Purpose to Serve Others. It’s in my truest nature to create what I believe is the Pride we all feel about our loved one(s) serving our country. Faith in Family inspires me. Every time you put on a military shirt, it conveys how proud you feel, whether you consciously think of it at the time or not. That is why I strive to share this feeling through the custom designs I create for you, and with you.

buy best navy shirts at features designs for all family members. I couldn’t find shirt designs that liked, (not into skulls, cross bones and swearing) so I decided to create my own! Other Military Moms and Wives started requesting them, so I created this online shop.

buy best navy shirts at

I Will Personalize Everything!!!

If you need a different Nickname, for example:  instead of Grandma, you need Nana,
just use the Chat, or Message Me and I’ll gladly create the Navy Shirt for you!

**I will Custom Design and Personalize Any Shirts with Your Names, Titles, Rates, Ship/Carriers, Subs, etc.**

  If You are a NEW Navy Mom, Check out the –> Navy Bootcamp Graduation PIR Shirts.

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FYI: I design through several different printing platforms. Use the link at the top of each web page on this site.

Need Help or Have Questions? Let Me Know! I Love a Good Chat!
Thanks for Stopping By. It’s a Pleasure to Serve YOU!!!

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